Zorro™ Sharpener is Patent Pending

Sharpens Virtually Any Blade

With the Zorro Sharpeners™ patent pending design the blade bed allows you to configure the angle to fit any blade regardless of rotational direction, shape, length, or size

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Why Is Sharpening Important?

Did You Know?
Keeping Blades Sharp Helps Maintain Healthier Turf

When a dull blade is used to cut your turf it causes extra damage to each blade reducing regrow times, causing discoloration, and leaves turf vulnerable to fungus and disease.

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Why have the perfect angle?

An incorrect angle on a blade can cause issues while mowing such as irregular clipping discharge or pile-up, incorrect airflow affecting lift and mulching efficiency.

  • The correct angle can ensure durability and efficiency of a blade making your sharpened blade stay sharp longer and help you mow most efficiently.
  • Only The Zorro Blade Sharpener™ has the technology to adapt the perfect sharpening angle to any blades OEM specs.

Basic DeWalt Grinder


  • $500 online Discount Originally $1,495
  • 6 Month Parts Warranty
  • No batteries needed
  • Fast, Easy, Accurate Sharpening
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Cordless Grinder Only


  • $500 online Discount Originally $1,520
  • 6 Month Parts Warranty
  • No Batteries Included
  • Go Anywhere Versitility
  • Fast, Easy, Accurate Sharpening
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